Babies Live Because You Give

our breast milk donation can help hospitalized babies in the NICU. By donating your precious breast milk, you have the unique opportunity to share with those most in need. Without the generosity of mamas like you, there would be no way to make available a 100% Human Milk Fortifier for premature, critically ill and low birth weight infants. Donate your breast milk from anywhere in the United States.

Milk donated through Milkin’ Mamas is sent to Prolacta Bioscience, a for-profit company, where it is made into human milk nutritional products for very low birth weight babies in NICUs around the country. These products are the only way these fragile babies can benefit from a 100% human milk diet.

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Did You Know?

When you donate 300 ounces or more of breast milk during your qualification period, you are eligible for Prolacta's


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